Bluepill 100mg (Sildenafil 100mg Tablets)

Bluepill 100mg (Sildenafil 100mg Tablets)

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Buy Bluepill 100mg Online, Bluepill is one of the most popular sildenafil brand  and the most awaited brand in the world. We have the all range of Bluepill products.

Bluepill 100mg is an oral pill that is made up of Generic Sildenafil citrate Bluepill(Sildenafil) drug makes it potential for cGMP enzyme to be accessible in an adequate amount. The mandatory concentration of cGMP enzyme is reliable for widening the blood vessels so that a necessary supply of blood can be transferred to male reproductive part. This will source the erectile part of male genitals to achieve and keep the hard erection for the beloved period during an intimacy time.

Dosage Details of Bluepill 100mg-

Bluepill 100mg is commercially accessible into the dose strength of 100mg. Men need to consume one tablet of 100mg, one time in a day via oral route with a glass full of water, 60 minutes former to being engaged into planned intercourse. Men can consume the medication with or without food. One dose of Cenforce 100mg is enough for the function in a day and so the no more than one pill has to be consumed in 24-hour time or the symptoms of overdose can include low blood pressure and painful erection. The long lasting effect of medication resists for 4 to 5 hours without any doubt.

Conflicting factors of Bluepill 100mg-

  • Men should have to avoid the consumption of Bluepill 100mg if they are sensitive to generic Sildenafil.
  • The use of Bluepill is conflicting under the medical condition of the liver, kidney and heart disorder.
  • The use of Bluepill is contrary if suffering from high blood pressure disorder.
Side effects of Bluepill  100mg-

Men may endure some sort of side effects while consuming Bluepill 100mg like as facial blushing, nausea, ringing sound in ears, nasal congestion, back pain, blurred vision and swelling of legs and hands.

Defensive measures of Bluepill 100mg-
  • Cut down the consumption of alcohol while taking Bluepill 100mg to prevent drug adverse effects.
  • Men should not have to consume high fatty food and grapefruit juices, as it may lead to slow drug absorption.
  • Avoid the consumption of nitrate derivative along with Bluepill medication.
  • Avoid driving and machinery work after taking Bluepill medication.

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